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Mail Back Sharps Disposal

GRP's mail-back sharps disposal systems are ideal for offices and clinics who generate small amounts of sharps waste or biomedical waste, or for home use (diabetic needle disposal, other injected medications, etc.) where using a truck-route service isn't necessary. We have several different sizes of sharps disposal mail back systems, as well as medical waste mail back disposal options.

Replacing your current pick-up service with our mail-back service could be a very effective way of reducing your overall medical waste disposal costs. We offer mail back containers for both sharps and non-liquid medical waste.

Find out more about how our mail back sharps disposal service works... or call 1-800-207-0976 for help.

mail back sharps containers

Mail-Back Sharps Disposal Service is ideal for:

A wide variety of medical waste and sharps (needle) waste generators. Here are just a few different types of groups that commonly use our mail-back disposal service around the country.

Dental Waste Disposal
Tattoo Sharps Disposal
Piercing Studio Sharps Disposal
Diabetic Needle Disposal
Education Sharps Disposal
Home Health Nurse Waste Disposal
Home Injections & Needle Disposal
Law Enforcement Needle Disposal
Lodging Needle Disposal
Manufacturing Sharps Disposal
Offices Sharps Disposal
Pharmacy Sharps Disposal
Public Restroom Sharps Disposal
Veterinarian Sharps Disposal