GRP - Tattoo sharps disposal by mail
Mail Back Needle Disposal for Tattoo and Body Piercing Studios
"Your job is amazing body art...
not sharps disposal regulations"
You focus on awesome tattoos, piercings and happy customers.
Let us focus on sharps disposal. Sound good?
 Our kits put you in compliance. Proper needle disposal is a key part of your studio's Exposure Control Plan.
 Included documentation helps to assure quick and easy compliance with Health Department Inspections.
 Approved for use in all 50 U.S. States (authorized mail back needle disposal provider for the state of California).
Most popular containers for tattoo studios...
1qt Six Pack
Mail Back Sharps Disposal Kit
1 quart mail back sharps disposal kit - pack of six
Return shipping and disposal included!
A small sharps container for six procedure areas -- in one convenient mail-back box.
Dual 2 Gallon
Mail Back Sharps Disposal Kit
2 gallon mail back sharps disposal kit - pack of 2
Return shipping and disposal included!
A large sharps container for two procedure areas -- in one convenient mail-back box.
Dual 1 Gallon
Mail Back Sharps Disposal Kit
1 gallon mail back sharps disposal - pack of 2
Return shipping and disposal included!
A medium sharps container for two procedure areas -- in one convenient mail-back box.
Q: What if I already have full sharps containers?..
5 Gallon
Mail Back Disposal Kit
Return shipping and disposal included!
Get rid of full sharps containers you already purchased elsewhere...
NO PROBLEM! You can drop your existing sharps containers (that you didn't get from us) right in this 5-gallon mail-back medical waste container. 
You can't put loose sharps in here, but if you already have them in sharps containers that you got elsewhere, we have this easy mail back option to help you get rid of them!
Be sure to measure your current containers to see if they'll fit...
Our Five Gallon Mailback Container Dimensions: 11 inches in diameter; 14.5 inches high
Not seeing what you're looking for? 
Or call: 800-207-0976
OSHA Compliance for Tattoo & Piercing Professionals
Don't fall out of compliance. Bloodborne Pathogens Training must be renewed each year.
Take the quick quiz below. See if you can pass!
Have Questions? It's ok. We're here for you.
tattoo waste disposal
What can I put into the containers?
Our mail back sharps disposal containers can be filled with used needles, needle bars, disposable razors, razor blades, and other sharps waste, as well as any small amounts of blood soaked gauze or bandages.

Our 5-gallon mail back medical waste disposal kit is designed to hold filled non-mail-back sharps containers, as well as blood soaked gauze, bandages, gloves, contaminated inks, or other biohazard items (no loose sharps). 
tattoo health department
What will my health department need?
Your local health department will want documented proof that you are complying with local, state and federal sharps disposal regulations. By providing them with copies of the waste disposal documents that we provide with each kit, you will be able to demonstrate your compliance with the regulations regarding proper biohazard waste disposal.

No sweat. Easy peasy. 
sharps container mounting brackets
Can I buy mounting brackets for safety?
Yes. Absolutely! Most of our sharps containers can be used with a mounting bracket, and those are for sale in our store.

Once you add a container to your cart, you will see compatible mounting bracket options. If you have any questions, feel free to call 800-207-0976
shipping sharps containers
How long will it take to get my shipment?
We're pretty quick. But it depends on your location.

Our warehouse is right smack dab in the middle of the U.S. so it's usually a couple of days. The farther you are from us, the longer it takes.

For RUSH delivery, please call 800-207-0976
tattoo workstation
Do I need a container at each workstation?
Our best answer? Yes.

In order to keep both staff and customers safe from any contaminated sharps, we highly recommend you have one needle disposal container in each procedure area. Plus, in our best interpretation of regulations, you're better safe than sorry on this one. That's why we offer six-packs and two-packs.