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FAQ – Medical Waste Disposal

Do you pick up human tissue, organs or other pathology waste? Yes. Please contact our office if you plan on placing any of these items in your biohazard containers. They do require special treatment, and will need to be segregated from other waste.

What if we do not have any medical waste to send back? We provide a regular service, therefore, if you have no waste we do have to charge a trip charge (equal to one box). However, if you just have a partial box, we will take that so as not to bill you again for the same box.

Who are you picking up now? We pick up hospitals, doctors, clinics, dentists, nursing homes, veterinarians, factories and many other biomedical waste generators throughout the Midwest.

What if we need more medical waste boxes? We will gladly provide you with as many biohazard boxes as you will need in which to put all of your medical waste. If you run out before your scheduled pick up, please call our office and we will ship you more of our corrugated containers and red bags.

Where do we get red bags? With each corrugated medical waste container, we provide one red bag. If you require more biohazard bags or sharps containers. we offer a wide selection at very economical prices. These supplies are available for nationwide shipment.

Where do we get sharps containers? We offer a wide selection of sharps containers at very economical prices. These containers are available for nationwide shipment.

Are you registered with the state? We are not required to be registered with all states. In those states that require, we are registered. We abide by all federal, state and local guidelines for medical waste transportation and disposal.

May we put in empty aerosol cans? NO. We cannot accept ANY aerosol cans. These cans may explode during the destruction process and damage equipment. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY AEROSOL CANS INTO YOUR BIOHAZARD CONTAINERS. These shouldn't be considered medical waste anyway.

May we put broken glass with blood on it in the container? All glassware, broken or not, must be placed in an approved sharps container before being placed in the biohazard container. Glass, broken or otherwise, may puncture the red bag liner and even the outer corrugated medical waste container and could very easily harm one of your staff or one of ours. We don't want that to happen. By placing all glassware in FDA approved sharps containers, you eliminate any risk of injury.

Can we put any liquids into the container? No. Absolutely no liquids may go into the medical waste disposal containers. Blood-soaked items, removed tissue, placentas, and other organs may be deposited into the red bags, but no liquids or containers of liquid.

Where do we put the medical waste container, we do not have a place for it? Your container should be placed somewhere inaccessible to the general public (i.e. a closet, a boiler room, a storage area, etc.). If you need help determining a proper place for disposal, please call our office for help.

May we place waste in a separate medical waste container and then put it into your corrugated biohazard containers when you arrive? You may collect waste in other containers, but for removal and disposal all medical waste must be pre-boxed into our corrugated containers prior to our arrival. For safety reasons drivers are not allowed to box your waste for you, and we do run very tight schedules, so we do ask that all waste be ready for pickup when our drivers arrive.

Do we have to put our name on the containers? Only in some areas. Contact our office if you have any questions.

How do we know what you picked up? We will provide you with a copy of our destruction manifest, indicating what and how many containers we pick up. A certified copy will be provided to you once your biomedical waste has been treated and disposed.

What if the box gets wet? Once a box becomes wet, its structural integrity is comprimised. Therefore, you must re-box it into a new dry box. Contact us if you need new boxes.

Does blood go in the sharps container? No. Do not put any blood or other liquid into the containers. Items that are blood-soaked, removed tissue, and organs are allowed in the medical waste containers. But not quantities of blood or other liquids.

Where do we put phlebotomy needles and tubes for drawing blood?The needle must be placed into an approved sharps container, and the tubes may be placed into the corrugated biohazard container.

Where do we put a bandage with blood on it? Blood soaked bandages and gauze may be placed into the biohazard container.

What do we have to send from an Isolation patient? The rule of thumb is to assume everything is contagious, therefore, place anything the patient may have touched or otherwise infected into the container. This includes everything in the patient's room that cannot be sterilized.

Do we have have to send knives & forks from an isolation patient? Plastic items, sure. If they are metal objects, they may be sterilized in your facility's sterilization equipment.

What if a cover comes loose on a sharps container? It must be re-secured and taped shut. Use your best judgement here. If any needle or other sharps become dislodged from the sharps container, your facility will be liable for clean up or injury. If you have questions or concerns, please call our office for help.

May we send mercury or other times from a broken thermometer or sphygmomanometer? No. Mercury is a hazardous waste and must be handled separately from medical waste. If you need assistance in locating a mercury disposal kit, please call our office.

How long has your company been in business? GRP & Associates was established in 1989, and continues to be a family owned and operated business.

What day will you pick up? Our routes vary. Call our office to discuss pick up options for your area.

What if the waste begins to smell bad, will you come pick it up? Yes, if possible. It depends on your location and our route schedules, but we will make every effort to help. Odors are often an indicator of improper storage of your waste (hot boiler rooms), the type of waste (tissues and organs), or the frequency of your pick up. If it becomes an issue, please contact our office for help.

Do we have to put the caps back on the needles? No. NEVER recap the needles. It endangers your health and is not necessary. Simply drop the entire syringe into an approved sharps container.

Do we need stickers on our waste storage room doors? Yes. Biohazard stickers identify where you keep your waste, and keep unauthorized people out.

How many copies of the manifest do we have to keep? One. Our drivers will supply you with a copy indicating how many containers were picked up and the date; then, when your waste has been destroyed, we will mail you another copy indicating when and at which facility it was destroyed.