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Sharps disposal for veterinarians

Our mail-back sharps disposal systems are ideal for small quantity generators of needles, sharps and other medical waste, such as veterinary offices. Replacing your current pick-up service with our mail-back service could be a very effective way of reducing your overall medical waste disposal costs.

Our five-gallon medical waste mail back system is the perfect solution for veterinary disposal of potentially infectious waste, and we have many different sizes of sharps disposal mail-back kits from which to choose.

In a veterinary setting, a container should be placed in each operatory, with additional containers placed in the lab, or wherever contaminated sharps or medical waste is generated. After filling each unit, place in the enclosed return shipping container, fill out necessary tracking information, and give to your postal carrier for delivery back to our medical waste disposal facility for destruction.

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We currently have veterinarians all over the United States using our mail back sharps and medical waste service for disposal of their waste. If you have any questions about which mail back system is right for your practice, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help!