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Sharps disposal for lodging, hotel, motel

Our mail-back sharps disposal containers are ideal for hotel and motel houskeeping whenever patrons may require access to safe disposal of self-injection needles and lancets. By making available our sharps disposal systems at your facility, you encourage proper disposal of sharps waste, keeping employees, patrons, and waste handlers safe from any potential infection.

motel housekeeping cart
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In addition, it would be advisable to make available to your housekeeping staff proper collection and disposal equipment in the event a used needle, syringe, lancet, or other potentially infectious sharps waste is discovered in a room during routine cleaning and housekeeping duties. With one of our mail back sharps disposal systems, your staff can safely dispose of such items without worrying about injury to other staff or solid waste workers.

After filling each mail back sharps container, place in the enclosed return shipping container, fill out necessary tracking information, and give to your postal carrier for delivery back to our medical waste disposal facility for proper destruction.

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If you have any questions about which mail back sharps disposal system would work best for your facility, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help!