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Sharps disposal for home health

Our mail-back sharps disposal systems are ideal for home health nurses to use during routine patient care. Whether home injections are part of the prescribed treatment plan, or IV needles are being discarded after use, or phlebotomy needles are being used to draw blood for lab tests, it is important to properly dispose of these medical sharps.

By using our mail back sharps disposal systems, you keep family members and waste handlers safe from any potential infection.

Our mail back sharps disposal systems are ideal for home generated sharps and medical waste, since independent truck route services will likely not pick up in someone's home. Also, there are no worries about when the containers should be shipped back. Simply fill and return when full.

After filling each unit, place in the enclosed return shipping container, fill out necessary tracking information, and give to your postal carrier for delivery back to our facility for destruction.

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If you have any questions about sharps and needle disposal in the home, either by a home health nurse, or self-administered, please feel free to contact us.