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Diabetic Needle Disposal and Sharps Disposal

Disposing of your needles through the mail is probably one of the easiest and safest methods for disposal of your used needles and lancets. GRP mail-back sharps disposal containers are not only for medical professionals, they're also perfect for home or office use for people who must administer insulin via injections -- or other intravenous drugs.

diabetic needle injection
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Our mail-back sharps disposal systems are ideal for diabetic use whenever self-injection needles and lancets must be used. By keeping one of our sharps disposal systems in your home or office, you keep your families, co-workers, visitors, and waste handlers safe from any potential infection.

Mail-back needle disposal for diabetics:

A container should be kept in each restroom, office, or wherever contaminated sharps waste may be generated. After filling each unit, place in the enclosed return shipping container, fill out necessary tracking information, and give to your postal carrier for delivery back to our facility for destruction.

Many local communities and even some states now prohibit the disposal of household needle waste in the trash. Mail back needle disposal is a perfect way to comply with those regulations. (We are one of only a handful of approved mail back providers by the state of California.)

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