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Dental Waste: Mail Back Sharps Disposal

Dental offices who don't generate large amounts of sharps or medical waste can benefit from the lower cost of our mail-back sharps disposal service. For dentists just getting started, we highly recommend disposal by mail over a route service, but even well-established practices might well consider replacing their current pick-up service with our mail-back service as a very effective way of reducing overall medical waste disposal costs.

dental office operatory
Photo by Ruben Nadador

Mail-back sharps disposal for dental offices

In a dental setting, a sharps container should be placed in each operatory, with additional containers placed in labs, or wherever contaminated sharps waste is generated. We have several mail-back options that include more than one sharps container in a single return shipping carton, and these are ideal for dental practices with more than one operatory.

We also offer a five-gallon medical waste mail back system to dispose of regular, non-liquid, medical waste. This container works just like our corrugated containers that we use for our truck route service -- just fill the container, seal and ship.

After filling each mail back sharps (or medical waste) container, place them into the enclosed return shipping container, fill out necessary tracking information, follow the shipping instructions, and give the carton to your postal carrier for delivery back to our medical waste facility for destruction and disposal.

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Please contact us if you have any questions about which container system might be the best fit for your dental practice, or if you have a quantity of old sharps containers that require disposal (we have a few options for you!).

If your office generates larger quantities of medical or sharps waste, you may need to use our truck route service for medical waste disposal.